If not now, then when?

if not now then when_


This question has hit me multiple times within my life.  I remember this question hitting home with me in 2014 as I was driving to work one morning.  I had such a strong desire to DO something for the Lord.  The song by Tracy Chapman was playing on the radio and I knew I had to take action.

These words inspired and led me to go on a missions trip to Togo, Africa with AIA. It was honestly one of the most amazing experiences in my life.  I am so thankful I was able to financially go because it really gave me a different outlook on life.

Ironically, these words appeared again in my life just today as I was reading the book, “Girl, Stop Apologizing” by Rachel Hollis.  I have been praying and waiting to see how the Lord wants to use the gifts he has given me. I know my biggest job right now is to love and take care of my children & oh do I have a desire to do that.  Since I was a littler girl, I knew I wanted to be a mom.

But another side of me gets so much fulfillment out of chasing after what I want to do. Right now, I’m just not sure I know what that looks like.  Could it be Jennyfer Marie Photography? Could it be getting in shape for another race? Could it be getting involved at church or helping Tim with Pops? I feel like I am currently waiting to see what the Lord has in store, but trying to be open minded about what the opportunity might entail.

Now, keep in mind, sweet Hailey Marie is going to be born within the next three months! OH MY GOODNESS!! My daughter! Is about to come into this world! LORD JESUS I am so pumped!! haha honestly, every time I think of her I get so excited to meet her, to see her, to hug her and hold her sweet little hand.

So who knows if my perception of what it is that I’m supposed to do is going to change at that point. But for now, I want to be wise with how I’m using my time.  I want to invest in Luke and what we do each day because each day matters.

I just want to pray that I can be content, that I am not lazy, that I do my best, prepare for the worst, and trust the Lord will bring VICTORY! Amen.

I just realized how much I missed writing in here.  You may be hearing from me some more from time to time.

Today’s Wins:
Luke loved getting to go for a walk outside
2. For the first time in Luke’s life, he woke up early from his nap and actually put

himself back to sleep.
3. Sand Run Family Run
4. Luke’s last swim lesson.


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