Does a fan work if it’s not plugged in?

Does a fan work if it’s not plugged in? We can believe in the fact that it works all we want, but does it actually work unless it’s plugged in? I know the purpose of a fan is to create a breeze in the midst of heat but how do I know and believe that unless I have seen a fan work before?


Our faith is similar. How do I know and believe in Jesus unless I fully accept him as my Lord and Savior. How do I know the purpose he has in my life unless I build a relationship with him? He has so much to offer me, but I need to plug into him in order to fully experience life.

Let me tell you a little back story of my life. I grew up in a Christian home and always knew of Jesus. I went to church every Sunday with my family, said my prayers at dinner and every night before bed. I was religious to say the least.

Moving forward to my high school/college years, my religious acts were getting me a whole lot of no where. I knew of Jesus, but I did not know Jesus. When I realized there was a difference in the two, my life changed dramatically. As soon as I plugged into Him, I experienced freedom. I experienced life the way it was intended. Oh how I would love to be sitting next to you with a cup of coffee in hand to go deeper into this, but let me tell you – it wasn’t until I dug myself into a hole so deep that there was no where else to turn but to the Lord. I literally tried so many other avenues of living for myself, but every one lead to an empty pit of trying to satisfy my earthly desires. I was so confused, lost, and lonely. I was living a life that looked “prestige” from an outsiders perspective and was anything but.


I started plugging into the Lord by spending hours with him each day (At this point in my life having hours of spare time existed). It was amazing how he showed up and revealed to me exactly what I needed to know.  My heart changed once I gave up my life to follow him and I can’t even imagine going back to my life before knowing him.

In my current season of life, I try to plug into him before Luke wakes up in the morning.  My day always starts off more positive when I have spent time with my Lord.  On days that I do not get to spend time with him before Luke wakes up, I try to make it a priority as soon as he naps.  I hate feeling distant from him. In those moments that I haven’t gotten to spend time with him in a few days, I can tell in the way I feel, my emotions, and how easily frustrated and stressed I can become.

I’ve found in each season of life, plugging in looks a little different – but amongst each season, the importance of plugging in does not change.

How do you stay plugged in? Do you find time in the morning, or maybe when the kids go to bed? How do you see the Lord showing up when you do plug in?

Take the challenge with me to plug into him each day.  Whether it be 5 minute, or an hour – he wants us to know him and desires to know us.


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