Always. Be. Ready.


Okay moms. Who can agree that baby naps are heavenly? Not just for the fact that it gives you some peace and quiet (I mean yes, that is a huge plus), but in a perfect world, our babies wake up rested, happy and ready to take on the rest of the day.  But there’s always that unknown factor of what time your baby is going to wake up. I always feel like I have to be on guard and waiting with the monitor nearby.  I can’t just go about doing anything I please because I need to be available for when he wakes up. However, I have to use that time to get prepared for the rest of the day.  Whether that is cleaning up the house from the morning, getting chores done around the house, or just resting.

It’s been interesting trying to keep up with Luke’s nap schedule.  Just when I think I have it down to a science, he decides to change it up on me.  Starting with sleeping pretty much all day when he was a newborn, to now only taking two naps a day, I really have to know him to figure out what it is he needs.

So right now, he’s currently napping in his crib (major plus, since he used to only nap in his bouncer), and I just finished having some quiet time with the Lord.  I’ve been trying to wake up before he does in the morning to have my quiet time, but some days I can use that extra hour of sleep.

I’ve been reading through the book of Luke, and today I read the parable of the master showing up to the wedding banquet (Luke 12: 35-48).  This parable refers to how we need to wait for the Lord’s return, and be on watch for him because he could return at any time.  A few things hit me as I was studying these verses while Luke was napping.

  1. Just like I have no idea when Luke is going to wake up, I have no idea when the Lord is going to return. During each nap, I have to consciously use my time to be prepared for when he wakes up. There’s only certain things I can do, certain places I can go, and only so much time I will have.
  2. If I really stop and think about the fact that the Lord could come back any second, I tend to reflect on the way I’m living my day to day life and question if I would be “ready” for that to happen.
    • Am I waiting for the Lord to return and being kingdom minded each day?
    • Am I prepared with my light shining so bright that he knows I am his child?
    • What should I be doing different?
    • Am I putting all of my hope in earthly desires rather than heavenly rewards?

When it comes down to it, I often need reminded, multiple times a day, that earthly desires mean nothing.  There is no hope found in what the world has to offer. Trust me, I can see how there can be a desire to want the newest trend of decor for your house, or a new basement remodel. I understand the desire to want the newest trend of fall clothing.  I can completely relate to wanting to travel and spend unnecessary money in order to fulfill my temporary definition of happiness.

I have had to change my life in more ways than one in order to meet Luke’s needs.  I find myself wanting to give him exactly what he needs because of how much I love him. I don’t find it a chore to put my desire on hold so that he can have the rest he needs.  My relationship with him grows each and everyday because of the time I spend getting to know him.  I know this child so well and my desire to continue to know him as he grows will never change. But, just like I’ve had to change my life in order to give Luke what he needs, I also had to change my ways in order to follow Christ.

I wouldn’t say I was a horrible person before I started following Christ.  In my opinion, I actually thought I was a pretty good person.  But Christ does not call us to just be “good people.” I mean face it, we’re all sinners! Christ wanted me to have a relationship with him.  He wanted me to take up my cross and follow him.  There were things in my life that I knew He did not agree with and I was living each day for myself rather than to glorify Him. This was such a scary place for me when I decide that I needed to let go and let God determine my path.

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 9.36.05 AM.png

The moment I gave up pursuing my own earthly desires was the moment I experienced true freedom.  There is so much freedom in Christ that I did not fully understand until I excepted him into my life.

Loving my son as much as I do, I can only imagine how much Christ loves me. His pursuit for a relationship with me is so apparent and I am so thankful for that.  I want to know my Lord so incredibly much that when the time comes for me to see him face to face, it will be as though I just talked to him because of the closeness of our relationship.

So here’s the challenge. Always. Be. Ready. I know for me, I shouldn’t put so much focus on making sure I’m being successful, but rather making sure I’m being intentionalLet’s stop waiting until tomorrow to do what we know is right. Let’s be kingdom minded and watch how the Lord allows us to live freely.

What’s something you could work on to allow yourself to always be ready?

2 thoughts on “Always. Be. Ready.

  1. Thank you! It may be a simple analogy, but it’s my current way to relate to what Jesus is showing me! Plus, it’s allowed me to prioritize my day in a way that is purposeful.


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