You can’t pour from an empty cup.

It’s not possible to pour into other people if you’re not getting poured into yourself. We can’t pour from an empty cup! ⠀ Back story: This cup is from 2008 when I was sitting in a tiny coffee shop in Cincinnati called Taza. But I was overwhelmed with gratitude! Since then, I have been adding things I have been thankful for and as you can see my cup is overflowing. Here’s what I recently added:
1. Luke’s smile⠀
2. Jogging strollers⠀
3. Morning Coffee⠀


A few weekends ago, my husband and I were able to get away for the entire weekend to celebrate our 3 year anniversary! Let me tell you, it was absolutely wonderful! While Baby Luke had a weekend sleepover with Grandma and IMG_6772Grandpa, we made our way to the German Village. We rented an adorable little AirBnB, spent time dreaming and laughing at different coffee shops and of course the amount of food consumed was record breaking. We even got to check out Rogue Headquarters (Tim’s pick) and Ikea (my pick). I’m not going to lie, we probably talked about Luke the majority of the time, but being able to focus on each other and get filled back up was so necessary!


I was once told that it’s not possible to pour into other people if you are not getting poured into yourself. This is so incredibly true. We can’t pour from an empty cup.
Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about the type of pouring that looks like traveling across the world to an extravagant location that is crazy expensive.
No, I’m talking about being relational!
Whether that looks like spending time with your spouse, Jesus, a mentor, or literally just spending time with yourself, it’s important to have time to process life.
If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that the older I get, the faster life goes! Especially now that I’m a mama. Sometimes I wish time would just slow down a little bit.


Before I was married, I had an amazing opportunity to travel to
Togo, Africa on a missions trip with 4 other track coaches. We were able to coach olympic runners while also

Screen Shot 2018-08-26 at 10.46.09 PM sharing the gospel with them. It was an unforgettable experience. I will

never forget how much slower paced
their culture is. For the two weeks I was there, we always took time to process through each day. It was incredible how it changed my attitude and really put life into perspective.
Being a mom is such a gift, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world, but it is

Screen Shot 2018-08-26 at 10.46.23 PM

definitely not always easy.At times it can be exhausting, I’ll find myself feeling like I’m not enough, and it can even be lonely. But Luke needs me! Luke needs to know that I am always, no matter what, going to be there for him. He needs to know that he is loved no matter what.
But I’m human! It’s difficult at times not to be short fused. It takes work to not only be with him, but to be present! When I’m not being poured into, I find myself not taking in the moment. I’m guilty of being in the same room as someone, but not being 100% engaged. Life is about being present!
So here’s a challenge that I’m going to take and would love for you to consider! Let’s show up where we are. Let’s focus on the moment we are in. If we find ourselves not being able to do so, maybe we haven’t been poured into for awhile.
Here’s some of my favorite ways to get filled up:
  • Going to a coffee shop, journaling, and spending time with Jesus.
  • Sitting & talking outside with my husband outside, after Luke goes to bed.
  • Going for a run and listening to podcasts. (Current favorite is Gold Digger Podcast)
  • Spending time with my spiritual mentor.
  • Working on a DIY project around the house : Current project: flipping our basement!
  • And sometimes I just need to get away!
I’m so interested in hearing what fills your cup! Feel free to leave a comment below to let others know or even give them encouragement/ideas for how they can fill their cup!

4 thoughts on “You can’t pour from an empty cup.

  1. First of all- coffee is definitely high up on my gratitude list as well.. And I mean REALLY high up… lol!

    Being poured into for me can usually be one of two things:

    1. A leisurely stroll through Joann Fabrics
    2. Being somewhere I can’t hear my kids

    Anytime they are within earshot when my husband is on duty I just can’t seem to fully relax, and feel the need to go to them anytime I hear a cry or loud noise.

    Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I can totally relate to feeling the need to answer and console my child when he is upset! It took awhile for me not to feel guilty when I would leave the house, but I’m now realizing it’s necessary in order for me to continue to pour back into him!

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